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You have just found Flint's number one provider of luxury limousines & amazing party buses! If you'd like to dive right in, click on any of the images above, to explore the amazing choices we have waiting for you. If you'd rather learn more about our company, and how we do business... We encourage you to read what we have to say here! Either way, we're glad you are here and hope to provide you with some highly relevant information about our company and how we like doing business.

We believe in true customer service! This day and age has seemingly witnessed a dearth of customer services. We are bringing it back! You will enjoy an experience that allows you to fully enjoy your special day, regardless of what you are celebrating. That enjoyment begins from the first moment you get in touch with our agents. Everyone of our staff believes in a customer first approach and this will be evident to you during every stage of your journey with us.

We believe every customer deserves the best! What this means for you, is that each and every vehicle we bring into our fleet is subject to a minimum baseline of amenities and technologies for you to enjoy. Whether you're renting our biggest and most expensive party bus or, our smallest and most affordable party van or limo... Every client we encounter is going to enjoy the finest and nicest amenities known to the luxury transportation industry.

We believe in transparency! There will be no secrets kept from you, when doing business with us. We fully disclose any and all charges pertaining to your trip, and any potential ways you can incur additional charges in the rare case of damage or excessive clean up. Knowledge is power, and we want you to make a confident and fully informed decision before hiring us for your big day.

We believe in fair & honest pricing! If you've visited our pricing page, you are already aware that we do not publish our pricing here on our website. We have a very good reason for this. The short story is as follows... We do not operate on a year to year pricing plan of action. Many in the industry do. What this means, is that a respective company will perform an analysis at the end of the year and figure the pricing for the year, regardless of outside costs. This often results in a higher rate during the lower demand times of the year. We do things differently. We are constantly analyzing our costs and adjusting our rates to market conditions prevalent at any given point of time. So, when our costs go down during a slower time of the year or, if say, fuel costs take a nosedive... We lower our rates to maintain a consistent profit margin, instead of trying to squeeze the most profit out of each rental. This will often result in saving you some cash.

Making events better, one trip at a time!

We serve as the main transportation service for a plethora of local and statewide events! Our party buses & limousines are the perfect choice for nearly any special occasion. Due to our dedication to our clients, we have become the state's number one provider of luxurious chauffeured limos & buses for any event where our clients want safe, communal transportation for everyone involved. This has led us accommodate innumerable combinations of special days throughout Flint and Michigan at large. Whether you're planning a wedding, bachelorette party, a winery tour, concert, festival, a night of bar hopping, or even a tailgate party at U of M or MSU... We can handle it, and deliver the finest experience you've dreamed of!

If you'd like to learn more about our experience in providing luxury transportation rentals to the awesome people of Flint... Follow any of the links above, by clicking or tapping on any of the above pictures.

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If you should have a question about anything related to our services or, if you're ready to book... We welcome your inquiry! Our knowledgeable, friendly booking agents stand ready 24 hours a day to assist in anything you might need. We truly want you to enjoy every aspect of your experience on our party buses & limousines and make ourselves ready to help you - whenever you need it! Our contact information is just below.



Bars and Restaurants in Flint

We've been around the proverbial block a few times throughout our adventures in Flint. Because we simply truly believe in "sharing the local love", we've decided to fill you in on some of our favorite bars & restaurants that you may enjoy on your limo or party bus trip. Some of our all time favorites are listed below. Flint is an underrated place, in our opinion... So, we have put together some of the best spots we've found, for you to enjoy!

Longbranch Saloon

1327 E Frances Rd
Mount Morris, MI 48458
The best part about this bar by far is that it has an amazing, and I mean amazing karoke room!! It also has a ton of great food, of which the pizza is my absolute favorite. The drinks are reasonably priced, but very potent, so yeah, check this place out.

Roma Pizzeria & Restaurant

5227 Saginaw St
Flint Township, MI 48505
(810) 787-1061
This has to be and truly is some of the most delicious pizza out there. There is so much yummy and gooey cheese on there, it's totally amazing and great. The black olives are delicious too, all in all it's awesome!!

Luigi's Restaurant

2132 Davison Rd
Flint Township, MI 48506
(810) 234-9545
Yes I do love the wine and beer selection here, but what really does it for me is the meatball sandwich. Then again the pineapple pizza is also one of my favorite things to have when I'm at Luigi's restaurant. All in all, it's just a great place to have a great meal, I love it!!

Timothy's Pub

2890 Robert T Longway Blvd
Flint Township, MI 48506
(810) 239-0972
This is definitley my spot when it comes to delicious food, great times, and great people. My buddies and I love to hang out here, and talk about the good old days, and honestly there is no other place I'd rather do it at than Timothy's. The karoke is great, and the burgers are too!!

Cobblestone Lounge

7490 Fenton Rd
Grand Blanc Township, MI 48439
(810) 232-0810
For a lounge, I was totally surprised how totally clean this place is. It's also kind of charming and has some character to it, and the burgers and fries are pretty good as well. The service was what really did it for me, because everyone is so friendly and wonderful!!

Uncle Buck's Northern Exposure

4619 Fenton Rd
Flint, MI 48507
This is a fun place to come and hang out and chill with the ladies!! It's got a lot of atmosphere, fun friends that you can meet up with, and did I mention the ladies? Drinks are cheap too and very potent and strong!!

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